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27 October 2009

Armageddon Expo Seeker Panel Report - S2 Spoilers

Jo went along to the Armageddon Expo to see the cast for their Legend of the Seeker panel and this is her report. WARNING: There be spoilers!

LotS panel at Armageddon Expo 2009, Monday 26 October 2009
by Jo

Craig Horner, Craig Parker, Tabrett Bethell, Mark Beesley and Bridget Regan were welcomed on stage and they screened a quick preview of Season 2, which was the same one which had been shown at this year's ComicCon in the States.  Looks awesome!  

I'm no reporter but this is what I did pick up, so in no particular running order:
Craig H's favourite Dominos Pizza is pepperoni and cheese (he has appeared in a Dominos advert in NZ.)

His is also the most comfortable costume to wear, at which point he was asked by the other cast members how would he know, has he tried on their's? 

Season 2 promises more magic and more topless Craig :-)   Bridget's white costume looks great on screen with its flowing sleeves, but she keeps getting them caught on her swords and around her arms.  It takes 20 minutes to lace her up into her costume.  She has a different costume coming up this Season in episode 8 or 9, but gave no specifics.  Her hair was dyed for the part keeping her blue eyes, even though in the book her character has green eyes.

Tabrett's is leather, tough & mean.   Her favourite location shoot is Bethells Beach.   Craig P would like her costume, specifically as his character seems to have a penchant for red himself.  When asked who amongst the cast was the biggest goofball, the obvious answer was Craig P.  (I heard someone near to me ask what a goofball was? :-) ) 

When asked by a younger fan if Darken Rahl would be returning in Season 2, Craig answered that he was not able to say, but added that the badguy in Season 2, "the Keeper", had the ability to bring people back to life.   He then nodded to the fan, and kept nodding - but didn't actually "say" anything.

The panel kept referring to "the Keeper" and "Nicki" but when asked who they were didn't actually answer the question....

Will there be a Season 3?  yes, depending on the success of Season 2.  So keep rewatching ever time the episodes are aired.

Why do you use an American accent for the characters?  to which Bridget answered, because I am American :-)   Enhanced answer was that its a Disney production and being sold in the States and other countries.  And also because Bridget does an awful Kiwi accent :-)

This was their first convention together as a group, so a world first :-)

The panel discussion finished and everyone, myself included rushed over to the main hall to queue for autographs by all of the panel, where I waited in line for over an hour only to have the line cut off 5 people ahead of me, so by the time I got to the table where the actors were signing they were already on their way, apparently due to time constraints (they had already overrun their alloted 1 hour).